About Me

Hi, I’m Tanya Hamdan. I’m a mom of three and a parenting coach.

My coaching and training pathway was driven by my inner-passion of empowering others and helping them discover their strength and power within. 

Specifically, after having my third child who endured a critical health condition, where I found myself placed in a position that entailed utter strength and full focus on the positive things I had in my life. This experience opened my eye to the fact that parents with an extra-care child are in deep need for support. That’s when I decided to follow my calling and initiate my journey by taking courses in life coaching and reading more about it. In the present time, I’m an ICF certified coach, NLP practitioner and a parent trainer.

I centered my career around supporting parents in their parenthood journey to find their inner peace and create a warm environment for their children. You may wonder how can a personal coach help parents. In fact, parenting is hard and being a parent for extra-care child is extra hard. Those parents tend to neglect their personal care and their own needs with time. By constantly positioning themselves last, they will reach a point where they feel frustrated, depleted, angry, lonely and guilty. Therefore, I’m committed to help overwhelmed parents of children-with-difficulties who struggle with frustration and exhaustion to unload that burden, so they can enjoy their parenthood journey again by finding their self-worth and by remaining calm and confident.